‘Gieh Ghajnsielem’ 2017 to be awarded to Alessandro Battilocchio

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'Gieh Ghajnsielem' 2017 to be awarded to Alessandro BattilocchioGhajnsielem Local Council has announced that this 2017’s edition of ‘Gieh Ghajnsielem’ is being awarded to Alessandro Battilocchio.

Alessandro Battilicchio, is the former Mayor of Tolfa and founder of the twinning agreement between Ghajnsielem and that of Tolfa.

The Council said that “he is a a very hard-working and dynamic person and played a very important role by promoting the locality of Ghajnsielem in Europe by means of various exchanges being cultural, sports and educational through which hundreds of Ghajnsielem locals, had the opportunity to benefit from.”

He also led various delegations to Ghajnsielem and to Gozo through which means he also managed to integrate new businesses.

“The twinning between the two towns is considered as one of the most successful twinning programmes in Malta and Gozo dating back to almost 15 years. Just this weekend, a delegation from Tolfa took part in Bethlehem f’Ghajnsielem,” said the Council.

It added that, this year also marked Alessandro Battiliccio’s 50th visit to Ghajnsielem. The Council pointed out that on every one of his visits he was always accompanied by a delegation or a group, that brought some form of benefit towards the locality and also to Gozo in general.

The Council concluded by saying that, “Ghajnsielem is Alessandro’s second home and he proudly knows all the residents, their nicknames and their whereabouts. Ghajnsielem has a special place in Alessandro’s heart.”

The award ceremony will take place on Monday, the 18th of December at the Grand Hotel. On this night, the Council said that it will also acknowledge voluntary work of some other individuals from Ghajnsielem whose work for the locality was outstanding during the current year.

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