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SDM welcomes positive step forward in votes for 16-year olds

SDM welcomes positive step forward in votes for 16-year oldsStudent organisation Studenti Demokristjani Maltin (SDM) has said that today’s announcement that 16 and 17-year-olds will be allowed to vote in the 2019 European parliamentary elections in Malta is a very positive step forward for Maltese youth.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat announced today that this opens up elections to another 8,000 voters, with the Government to present the White Paper by March to allow 16 and 17-year-olds to vote in the general election and the elections for the European Parliament.

SDM said that following this, they will be given the right to vote in the following general election, once Parliament approves the bill.

“As a political student organisation, we greet this news with great satisfaction, having supported this idea for the past couple of years.”

“We believe that this will serve to empower the Maltese Youths and shift more importance on youth-related proposals, thus improving their quality of life.,” said SDM.

SDM concluded by saying that “youth involvement will lead to a more active and healthier society, giving youths a more recognised platform where they can champion for what they feel is right.”

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