Investigative Coring works in Ghajnsielem for Malta-Gozo tunnel

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Investigative Coring works in Ghajnsielem for Malta-Gozo tunnelInvestigative Coring work is being carried out inn two sites in Ghajnsielem as part of the project towards the proposed Malta-Gozo tunnel.

Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects, Dr Ian Borg, visited the sites on Thursday. Contractor GEOTEC SPA who won the tender in June of this year, is extracting a series of investigative samples through the digging of a number of boreholes in nine different places on land and at sea.

Dr Borg remarked that this is an extremely important stage in this big project. The work started in October as he said that Transport Malta did not wish to disrupt the heavy activity which takes place in these areas during summer.

Transport Malta collaborates continuously with ERA, both prior to the commencement of the works and even during the works themselves, Dr Borg said. “They are also working with the University of Malta, which has already carried out a series of seismic investigations with OGS Trieste in the last few months.”

The results and analysis of the seismic and geological investigations will be used to establish a geological model of the zone under investigation, and Dr Borg said that this is an important step in the process as it will be an essential guide toward the design of the proposed tunnel.

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