Fettlilna Naghmlu Musical by the Sacred Heart Minor Seminary Victoria

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Fettlilna Naghmlu Musical by the Sacred Heart Minor Seminary VictoriaStudents and staff of the Sacred Heart Minor Seminary in Victoria Gozo, will present this year’s Christmas spectacle – Fettlilna Naghmlu Musical, on Thursday, the 14th of December, starting at 5:30pm, at the Astra Theatre.

The annual Christmas theatrical presentation is a very important event in the school calendar. Throughout its 150-year history, this boys’ secondary school has regarded theatre as a fundamental element in the holistic education of its students.

For this year’s edition the traditional Christmas Concert will take a different format: a production based on the collective participation of the entire school population.

Written by Alexander George Farrugia and directed by Fr Joseph Bajada, the story of Fettlilna Naghmlu Musical immerses the audience into a miserable school, staffed by dejected teachers and attended by students with questionable levels of motivation.

However, the arrival of a new staff member, full of energy and enthusiasm, but somewhat naive, breathes new life into this school and is a welcome break from what has been, so far, a stifling working environment.

The audience will enjoy an action-packed production, which is embellished with upbeat musical compositions, a healthy dose of humour, as well as more sombre didactic elements, Fettlilna Naghmlu Musical is the ideal event for those wishing to glide into the festive Christmas spirit.

Tickets may be bought from the Sacred Heart Minor Seminary during school hours or via email at arnaud.bouvier@gozoseminary.com <mailto:arnaud.bouvier@gozoseminary.com>

Alternatively, one may wish to contact the booking office directly on 99228506.

Updates of the event can be followed on the Facebook page carrying the production’s name.

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