Update – Victoria Primary School hold their Student Council Election

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Victoria Primary School hold their Student Council ElectionUpdate with results of election below – This week, students attending the third, fourth, fifth and sixth year at Gozo Collage Victoria Primary School, voted for their representatives on the Student Council.

The election was contested by thirty-six candidates, nine from each class, with three students achieving the greatest number of votes from each class to be elected.

To prepare for the election, each candidate made their own customised poster which was fixed on a notice board at the entrance to the school, while a classroom was converted into a voting area with ballot boxes. It also had an Interactive Touch Monitor displaying the names of the contesting student candidates.

Before the elections started, Mr. Charles Tabone, the teacher for Personal. Social Career Development, explained to students what democracy means and the role of citizens in this process.

Two students provided assistance to students while voting, including checking names on the list of those entitled to vote, and giving them the stamped ballot paper.Each student had the opportunity to cast their vote from – 1 to 9.

The elected members once announced, will later this month make a statement of their appointment.


The Victoria Primary (Happy School) Electoral Commission announces the elected members. The school said that it gives a “big thank you” to all candidates.

David Attard Yr. 3

Neil Said Yr. 3

Elisa Vella Yr. 3

Julian Camilleri Yr. 4

Jean Saliba Yr. 4

Naomi Pace Yr. 4

Justin Cardona Yr. 5

Mariah Mamo Yr. 5

Jake Sacco Yr. 5

Hayden Bonnici Yr. 6

Luigi Dimech Yr. 6

Karolynn Ellis Yr. 6

“At the Happy School students are Protagonists not Spectators.”

Photos: Joe Grech

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