Update: PD tables motion against extended hunting hours at Majjistral Park

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PD tables motion against extended hunting hours at Majjistral ParkUpdate with FAA statement below – A Parliamentary Motion calling for the extended hunting and trapping hours at Majjistral Park to be revised, has been tabled in Parliament by Partit Demokratiku.

It was co-signed by Dr Godfrey Farrugia and Dr Marlene Farrugia. They said that the Majjistral Park is a protected area of public interest where many visitors go to enjoy the beautiful, natural and quite setting, and to experience its ecological, socio-cultural and recreational values.

Partit Demokratiku added that it “noted and deplore the fact that the Ministry of Environment has breeched article 55(1) of the Environment Protection Act when it issued Legal Notice 300/17, whereby the regulations pertaining to hunting and trapping hours in the Majjistral Park were extensively increased.”

PD added that the article “states clearly that any such regulations – shall not be made unless a draft of the said regulations has been issued for public consultation thereby allowing any person a period of at least four weeks to make representations to the Minister or to the Authority or to both, stating how in his opinion the proposed regulations could be improved to reach their ultimate aim.”

FAA statement: FAA asks why safety concerns at Majjistral Park are not being addressed

Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar in a statement today has asked, “why increased safety concerns at the Majjistral Park have not been addressed.”

“The extension of hunting hours has brought about a greater risk of incidents such as that which recently took place in Maghtab, where a much-loved family pet was shot and eventually died due to shot gun wounds,” it said.

FAA stated that “with a greater concentration of hunters in the vicinity of visitors to the park – many of whom are children, there is a greater possibility of similar occurrences.”

In this regard FAA said that it has filed a Freedom of Information request asking for a copy of the Impact Assessment Framework for Subsidiary Legislation completed by the Ministry before the publication of the legal notice extending the hunting and trapping hours at the park.

It said that this form must be compiled before any subsidiary legislation is enacted. “It should include a description of the environmental, social and other impacts that the proposed legislation is expected to have.”

FAA asked, “Were the risks correctly assessed in this form? Or was it not compiled at all?”

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