`My Journey’ Reform applauded by EU school leaders and educators

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`My Journey' Reform applauded by EU school leaders and educatorsThe important issue of improving the overall educational quality of schools and educational organisations, was the main focus of a week-long residential training seminar in Gozo for 43 education leaders from different European countries including 7 local educators.

The course included two school study visits, one at the Sir MA Refalo Sixth Form and the Bishop Conservatory Schools in Victoria.

“Schools are facing many changes that have an impact on all levels and for all stakeholders. Inspirational and strategic leadership provides a vision and direction towards effectiveness and success,” said course director Peter Van de Moortel from Eekhout Academy, Belgium.

These residential training initiatives under the Erasmusplus EU Programme are the result of the strong established partnership between the local College for Further Education and the Belgian partners.
`My Journey' Reform applauded by EU school leaders and educators“Participants practised teaching and learning methods that face the educational challenges of the future. The course focused on didactical skills for teachers and school administrators and participants demonstrated how they want to enable dynamic learning in tomorrow’s learning environment” said Victor Galea, College Principal.

The ideas shared and the discussions which evolved among the participants fitted very well with the current reforms taking place in Malta, namely the ‘My Journey,’ where achieving through different paths will replace the current secondary school model with personalised, relevant and quality education for all students.

Mr Gaetano Bugeja, Director for Assessment and Learning Programmes, explained to the participants that the ‘My Journey’ is all about achieving through different paths and will give equal value to academic, applied and vocational learning programmes.

He added that now, students will be able to sit for different forms of learning and assessments, will have the opportunity to reach the same level of qualifications and will be equally employable regardless of the blends of options they will choose to study.

“If we want to teach for the future, then education must be structured for students’ needs and not the other way round. As technology is rapidly changing the world around us, many people worry that technology will replace human intelligence.

“Some educators around Europe also worry that there will be no students to teach anymore in the near future as technology might take over a lot of tasks and abilities that we have been teaching our students for decades. The thing is: Education will never disappear. It will just take up different forms,.” concluded Mr Victor Galea.

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