LGBTI+ Gozo: It’s high time to invest in a GU health clinic for Gozo

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LGBTI+ Gozo: It's high time to invest in a GU health clinic for GozoLGBTI+ Gozo held an open day at the Duke Shopping Centre on Saturday, which promoted “equality for all.”

The organisation said during the event that it is high time for an investment in a GU health clinic for Gozo. President, Eman Borg added, “as an island of 30,000 inhabitants, such investment would see that health care is being given to all those in need and moreover to all that seek prevention from STIs. Why does a Gozitan need to go to Malta to check for a primal health?”

The organisation said that it welcomed the new investment and upgrading to be made in relation to the GU clinic in Malta, and a new outreach on HIV prevention, as well as the news of the new hospital in Gozo. “Health is a continuum and the investment in such on a committed basis is of importance,” it said.

Eman Borg added that investment in Gozo for a clinic will go hand in hand with the good work done at the GU Clinic in Malta, and the fact that a new hospital is proposed in Gozo.

“Moreover, it will be addressing the needs of all those who seek a healthy lifestyle, and promotion on sexual health would be the core responsibilities of such a clinic,” he said.

During today’s event, in the presence of the Minister for Gozo Justyne Caruana, and MP David Stellini – LGBTI+ Gozo, together with Drachma Parents and MGRM, presented its services, with testimonials and experiences and the promotion among many – of the LGBTI Youth Drop in every first Friday of the Month, at the Agenzija Zghazagh centre in Gozo.

This was also echoed by Ms.Sharon Scerri – Dukes Complex Administration Manager, whilst touring the establishment.

Ms.Scerri pointed out that the Duke’s management offers support throughout the LGBTI+ community and is happy to support future activities organised by LGBTI+ Gozo association.

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