LGBTI+ Gozo services need more resources to reach a wider audience

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 LGBTI+ Gozo services need resources to reach a wider audienceMinister for Gozo, Dr Justyne Caruana, has this week had a cordial meeting with Mr Eman Borg, President of LGBTI+ Gozo.

The meeting was held at the Ministry for Gozo, during which both parties acknowledged the importance of collaboration between civil society and Government to foster inclusion and respect for diversity in all spheres and facets of society.

President Eman Borg mentioned that 2 years ago LGBTI+ Gozo was launched following the Rainbow cross event in Victoria. He said that the event was an important platform to create awareness about LGBTIQ issues in Gozo and since then LGBTI+ never looked back.

He went on to explain that the LGBTI community in Gozo, although now more visible, needs more resources to reach a wider audience and raise more awareness about the services being offered by the voluntary organisation.

Mr. Borg stated the since the inception of this organisation, they have found that more people are feeling comfortable to approach the organisation and speak out.

“Our intention is to reach out to those who want to come out and need support. We intend to organise seminars in schools to teach children about sexual health, which unfortunately, is still looked on as a taboo subject,’ stated Mr Borg.

Minister Caruana concurred that unfortunately, discourse about sexual health and education in Gozo is still very rudimentary and therefore there is a need for services and a professional information session.

The Minister for Gozo thanked Mr Borg and promised her full support to help the organisation spread the message to fight discrimination and respect for diversity.

This Saturday, LGBTI+ Gozo together with The Duke Shopping Mall are holding the organisation’s first ever open day on Saturday, the 18th of November from 9:00am onwards.

The public will have the opportunity to meet the team, learn about their services, listen to LGBTI testimonials and “win some amazing prizes.”

Photograph: MGOZ/George Scerri

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