GUG calls for action over “dark and unsafe” Msida subways

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GUG calls for action over "dark and unsafe" Msida subwaysThe Gozo University Group has said, “imagine walking through a dark and chilly tunnel not sure if there is anyone at the end of this darkness. This is the reality faced by those students who have to use the Msida subways to go back home.”

In a statement, the GUG pointed out that the subways in Msida have been the subject of many an argument for the past years. “These underpasses are supposed to be a safer alternative to the busy roads above, a very good idea in general but only if they are well maintained. The subways are a in a terrible state.”

It added that “ever since we switched back to winter time, the already dark sub-terrain corridors got even worse. Any feeling of security leaves you as soon as you enter since the lights do not work. Many students feel safer facing the busy roads above.”

“This is an even bigger problem now that it gets dark during the evening rush hour. Students and parents alike have expressed their concerns claiming that it is horrible and that it is an unbelievable nightmare.”

“Their wish,” the organisation said, is that the authorities “wake up” and address this issue.

The GUG said that it has spoken about this many times. Earlier this scholastic year, the same subway was flooded, trapping students on one side. “Students do not feel safe walking through the darkness, first years are specifically warned by older students to not go through them alone.”

“This should not be the case, stated GUG. “The subways should be safer than the road above. Most of the mirrors at the corners are either broken or covered up with posters of events which took place months ago. Something must be done.”

The GUG concluded by appealing to the authority in charge “to make some changes on the matter. Students must feel safe going back home.”

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