“Local wardens will be regarded as friends of the citizens,” says Parnis

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"Local wardens will be regarded as friends of the citizens," says ParnisSilvio Parnis the Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government and Communities, has said that, “local wardens will be regarded as friends of the citizens where their duty will be to educate and warn so that a culture of obedience to our laws is implemented.”

The Parliamentary Secretary, who was addressing a seminar organised by the Local Enforcement System Agency, went on to say that there is currently ongoing work which will eventually lead to the LESA Reform.

” In fact a Reform Committee has been established,” he added, “and the Reform process has been initiated. This process includes the necessary legal amendments and the administrative, logistical, and consultative arrangements so that, as stated in the Budget, local wardens will be employed directly with LESA.”

“There are also ongoing discussions on new policies that will be adopted by the LESA and on various regulations that govern local councils,” stated Parnis.

The Parliamentary Secretary concluded his speech by calling on everyone to give his contribution so that the reforms being made continue to thrive..

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    1. Lino DeBono says:

      No, they are not regarded as friends of the citizens. Especially not after what happened to me at the private airport parking where Wardens are not permitted to enter. After 3 days of official business in Sweden I returned to find 3 traffic citations. Two for the same (crime!!) of ticket saying I had no front lights glass – the other for parking in a disabled parking space.
      Someone I suspect was coming out of the terminal tunnel with a trolly and hit my front headlights and cracked the glass (not without). The other one was also a surprise as I had on the windscreen my disabled parking ticket in view.
      Nobody at the airport whom I approached could help me but directed me to the Qormi Council. Now imagine returning after three days – wanting to cross to Gozo and instead going to Qormi for what?
      I wrote to the Authorities, the second ticket for the same offence (headlights without glass) was accepted and erased. The others I had to appear before the Qormi Traffic Court. It was like entering an arena one sees in films when the Christians were sent for slaughter. Only Wardens permitted inside – the public was outside and escorted in by a Police Women.
      I was found guilty of having no front headlights glass although I produced photos to the contrary – that these were only damaged but still there. But to no avail.
      I had to go to court were I was found and proved innocent and liberated from the Warden accusation.
      After all this hassle – even if I had no complete front lights, how is it possible that when abroad I could do anything about them? Sheer stupid incompetent Wardens in my case.
      So, no Sir, I for one have no faith or compitence in the majority of the Wardens. You say what you like – I say what I have been put through.

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