Civil society in Gozo should feature in an autonomous regional council – Sant

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Civil society in Gozo should feature in an autonomous regional councilMEP Alfred Sant has said that, “Gozitan civil society should be the protagonist in decisions involving the well being of students, workers and farmers in an autonomous Gozo regional council.”

The Maltese MEP was speaking during an event held in Marsalforn, with the theme – What Gozitans expect from Europe.

He added that the “contribution of non government organisations in Gozo should be formalised on a regional level and eventually the Ministry for Gozo would be the executive arm to execute these decisions.”

“The aspirations for European social values among Gozitans are similar to other citizens living on islands on the periphery of the EU and that it was paramount for Gozitan civil society to be involved in new solutions for the development of Gozo,” Dr Sant remarked.

He went on to say that, “Gozitan society aspires for European social and economic conditions which meet the needs of youth, workers and the agricultural sector.”

“More than 1600 new jobs have been created in the last four years in Gozo, but not withstanding this, Gozitan youth are seeking jobs in Malta and elsewhere in Europe,” said Dr Sant. He also pointed out that the economy in Malta was performing well.

The MEP stated that, “we must ensure that the market and conditions of employment in Gozo are at par with conditions in Malta so that young people and workers can find jobs in accordance with their qualifications and skills.”

Within the European Parliament, Dr Sant said that he had joined forces with other MEPs from Croatia, Sardinia and Sicily to present one common front on the challenges facing small EU islands.

“Together with a Croat MEP we worked with the EC on a project that provides clean air to EU islands.”

“The Director of the Commission responsible for this project informed us that the EC will give €10 million to enforce the project after already approving €2 million for the same project,” said Dr Sant.

“At times I thought this project would not materialise but now it seems like we can move forward on its implementation,” remarked the Maltese MEP.

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    1 Response

    1. Lino DeBono says:

      Permit me to bring to attention the Magazine “Aggornat” published in a special edition No 18, in February 2003 prior to Malta joining the European Union.
      Main points at a glance:
      a) A Declaration on the “Island Region of Gozo” will be attached to the Treaty to take account of Gozo specific needs.
      b) Gozo will be considered as a separate region from Malta for statistical purposes (NUTS 111) while the Maltese Islands will be classified together for the purpose of EU funding (NUTS 1 & 2 levels).
      c) Gozo’s regional development will be a separate priority to Malta’s programme for EU funding (Single programme Document).
      d) A Gozo Regional Project Committee will be directly involved in how the EU funds are used in Gozo.
      e) State aid for transport of agricultural goods will continue for a period of 5 years transitional period after membership.
      f) Inter-Island passenger transport (Gozo Ferry) will remain VAT free.
      g) Gozo ferry transport will remain for Gozo residents

      Years have passed and what exactly has happened? Gozo was also supposed to have a representative in Europe in order to search and acquire work/projects for Gozo.
      Facts speak for themselves.

      Finally may I congratulate Dr Alfred Sant who in my view (and many others) is the ONLY MEP who visit Gozo and also bring the Gozitan aspect in the European Union. So I ask what happened to the other 5 MEP’s?

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