€1 million reward for information on Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder

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€1 million reward for information on Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murderA €1 million reward is being offered by the Government to whomever comes forward with information leading to the identification of those responsible for Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder.

In a statement this evening, the Government said that “this is a case of extraordinary importance and requires extraordinary measures – and justice must be done, whatever the cost.”

It added that it is “fully committed to solving the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia and bringing those responsible to justice.”

The statement continued by saying that in an unprecedented measure, the Government is offering a €1 million reward to anyone who can give the Police information leading to the identification of the person or persons responsible for this murder.

“Full protection will be given to whoever comes forward with information, when testifying under oath in front of an Inquiring Magistrate, and in all subsequent stages of the criminal procedures,” the Government said.

It explained that information can also be passed to the Police confidentially, and still be eligible for the reward, “as long as this information is corroborated with other independent evidence which would lead to the identification of the person or persons who committed this act.”

“It will not be the Government who decides on whether the information or testimony is sufficient, credible or complete,” the Government said. “Instead, the point of reference will be the Magisterial Inquiry Report which is an act of the independent judicial authority.”

Whoever wants to come forward with information can phone 22942008 or email crimeinfo.police@gov.mt <mailto:crimeinfo.police@gov.mt>.

The Government stated that the Whistleblower’s Act and other ancillary amendments which were passed during the previous legislature may be used by anyone who, despite his or her involvement, intends to collaborate with the Police in order to identify the culprit.

Condition of the €1 million reward are set out below:

The Government is offering a €1 million reward to any person or persons who provide the Police with concrete information which could lead to the identification of those responsible for the homicide of Daphne Caruana Galizia—whether murderer or accomplice—which happened on 16th October 2017.

This offer is made with the condition that whomever provides information will have to tell the truth and the whole truth, testifying under oath about everything they know about this homicide in front of the Inquiring Magistrate and during all the stages of the criminal procedures.

A person with information about the homicide, who is not willing to testify in order to keep their identity confidential, may pass the information to the Police and still qualify for the reward. However, for this to happen, it must result from the report of the Magisterial Inquiry that the information has concretely and factually led to the identification of those who should respond to the accusation about the homicide. And that this information can be confirmed to be genuine on the basis of other independent proof.

The payment of the reward will be based solely on whether the report of the Magisterial Inquiry states the testimony, or the information given, was credible and led to the identification of those who have to respond to the accusation about the homicide.

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    7 Responses

    1. Dietmar Treptow says:

      Well done. They have to be found!

    2. Martha says:

      Money talks doubling or even treble that figure will go even further, sooner or later someone will turn up. who ever it was its a heavy burden to carry for the rest of their miserable life for them and their family(s)

      • Pieter says:

        We are not from these shores, contemplating investing in Gozo hence retiring on the island from the UK, however with so much corruption going on at this moment in time it would be a bad move for anyone to retire on the islands its not a safe country anymore, & the above article proves it all. I hope the person that done these atrocities on the same scale as Isis, will be caught much sooner then later. Democracy & the freedom of speech must be kept alive.

    3. Ray says:

      Gozo and Malta are perfectly safe!
      Probably safer than nearly any where else, but I would never buy property here, it would be almost impossible to sell again for an expat, except at a loss!

    4. Lino DeBono says:

      Our Islands are the safest place in the whole world. When visiting other countries and return back, I thank the Lord for coming back to my country which have the best social service – excellent health care services – free child care centres – nowhere else in the world – one can leave children running around even at late hours. What is happening now is that a faction of the Maltese political function is doing it’s best to politicise the brutal murder of a journalist, which all citizens condemn and want the culprits to be brought to justice. Foreign journalists are trying to make hay whilst the sun shines – writing outrages and false/incorrect articles about Malta & Gozo. Maybe because we are a small Island and therefore of no consequence of having any repercussions

    5. Dave. says:

      Believe me sir, you are not on your own, many more including myself are of the same opinion, best to take long let and hope for the best, — beware of the owners and the contracts you sign read them carefully as most are one sided. A foreigner on the islands is negative if one gets my drift.

    6. Sam says:

      The shocking assassination of an investigative journalist on Malta highlights corruption at the highest echelons of Maltese Society. It is essential for these islands to expose the violent thug who murdered this journalist who sought to expose the truth. With Vision 18 about to happen there is an urgency to flush out the coward that silenced a brave woman whose job was to expose the truth and who believed and practiced freedom of speech.

      It is imperative to expose to the world the person/s behind this dreadful murder. Gozo has its bad boys too and is not immune to trouble, though less noticeable. Those who keep their eyes wide open see the local drug dealers peddling their evil trade to volunteers working in the church! The drug menace is all pervasive across these islands destroying a fantastic society.

      The Maltese and Gozitans are kind people with a fantastic history but, the enemy now lives within through drug dealing and the buying of residency status is outrageous. The dodgy, bad boys must be flushed out because to turn the other cheek is an insult to the family who no longer have a mother. Her death is a great loss to these islands because the quality of journalism on these islands is far more informative than other parts of Western society.

      As the slogan on a Malta underpass states “people get the Government they deserve.” Doing nothing is not an option. Protect what is great about these islands and that means zero tolerance with regards to drug dealers and violent thugs hiding under the cloak of respectability who have destroyed a very good investigative journalist.

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