BirdLife Malta criticises decision to open trapping season

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BirdLife Malta criticises decision to open trapping seasonBirdLife Malta has criticised the decision of today’s opening of the trapping season, “while Malta awaits the imminent verdict of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) case against the derogation of finch trapping.”

It said in a statement that, “the trapping derogation was reinstated in 2014 without even being mentioned in any electoral manifesto and hence without an electoral mandate.”

The NGO pointed out that trapping is prohibited across the European Union – EU under the European Birds Directive and “this was very clear even in ECJ Advocate General Eleanor V. E. Sharpston’s Opinion delivered on 26th July, on which the final verdict will be heavily based.”

“This Opinion found that Malta had no judicious cause to trap birds and questioned the level of enforcement and supervision,” said BLM.

“With almost 4,000 trappers allowed to set their nets on a daily basis, the probability of having the quotas reached and surpassed is high,” stated BirdLife, “This however will fail to materialise statistically since it is the trappers themselves that have to report their catches.”

It added that “unfortunately we have seen trapping going on even before the season with a number of birds being already caught illegally. We can only but hope that the authorities do their job properly in enforcing the law.”

BirdLife Malta concluded by saying that it “will once again monitor this activity and will report illegalities immediately while collecting evidence.”

Photo: Caged Linnet – photo BLM


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