Don’t miss the chance to donate blood in Gozo next Tuesday

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Pink October - Blood donation session at Gozo HospitalThere will be another chance to donate blood next week, as part of the National Blood Transfusion Service Pink October campaign.

The Service thanked all those who attended the donation session on Sunday in Gozo, when 48 people gave up some of their time to give blood.

Members of the public are being invited to donate blood next Tuesday, the 24th of October, during a session taking place at the Gozo General Hospital between 1:00am and 5:00pm, in the Outpatients Department.

“If possible please also encourage others to attend and donate as well.”

The Service is reminding everyone that it is important to always take their Identity Card, or Driving License or Maltese Passport and to drink plenty of water beforehand.

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    1. ROBERT JAMES ADEY says:

      Blood donations are critical no matter in which country you reside. Blood banks never have sufficient supplies for the needs of the medical profession.

      We have lived here for 7 years having relocated from South Africa. We offered to donate and were told we were too old. The age limit here evidently is 63. We were also told we were from a malaria area – untrue, a misconception that was eventually cleared up.

      I have donated more than 100 pints in South Africa and, in the area to which I belonged, the leading donor had contributed many hundreds of pints. HE WAS IN HIS 80’s!! I would suggest present practice in Malta be reviewed in the hope supplies can be increased in the future.

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