Dr Raymond Christian Xerri elected as President of the ETTW

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Dr Raymond Christian Xerri elected as President of the ETTWEarlier this year, the General Assembly of The European Throughout The World (ETTW.) unanimously elected its acting president for nearly a year, Gozitan Dr Raymond Christian Xerri.

The Friends of Australia Association in Gozo has congratulated its founder and former President, “on his sterling job so far in Europe representing Malta and its Diaspora world-wide.”

ETTW is Europe’s largest organisation representing over 350 million Europeans living outside of the European continent.

Born in the United States of Maltese parents Dr Xerri has lived, studied, worked and/or visited nearly a hundred countries and is thus a walking example of Europeans living abroad.

Raymond joined ETTW in 2013 representing the Council for Maltese Living Abroad (CMLA). Since 2012 he occupies the post of Director for Maltese Living Abroad within the Directorate-General for Political, European Union Affairs and Maltese Abroad in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Malta. Since 2013 he occupied one of the posts of Vice-President of ETTW.

He was born in New York in 1969 and returned to Gozo with his family in 1977. Raymond went back to New York in 1986, and continued his studies, coming back again to Malta in 1991 where he obtained dual American and Maltese citizenships.

He continued his postgraduate studies at the Mediterranean Academy for Diplomatic Studies (MADS) at the University of Malta and earned a Certificate in Diplomatic Studies in 1991; a Diploma in Diplomatic Studies in 1993 and finally a Master of Arts in Diplomatic Studies in 1994.

In March 1994 Raymond was appointed as First Secretary and Commissioner of Oaths in the Diplomatic Corps of Malta and served his country at the Malta High Commission in Canberra, Australia (July 1995-1998).

In 1998 he became Gozo’s first ever Policy Coordinator and E.U. Office Coordinator at the Ministry for Gozo serving a three-year term till 2001. Between 2001-2005 he served Malta as Counsellor at the Malta High Commission in London.

In 2002, Raymond Xerri was admitted to the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy at Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia becoming the first student from Malta ever to graduate in Diaspora Studies from any university in the world and the first student of Gozitan or Maltese extract to graduate at doctoral level at the same university.

From 2005 to 2012, Dr Xerri headed the International Office and the Office for Local and Regional Education as part of the Education Department within the Ministry for Gozo. Since December 2012 he was appointed as the first Director of the newly established Directorate for Maltese Living Abroad in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Valletta.

Between July 2013 and February 2016 he represented the Council for Maltese Living Abroad (CMLA) as one of the Vice-Presidents on the Board of The European Throughout The World (E.T.T.W.) in Brussels, Belgium and in February 2016 became the eighth President of ETTW – Europe’s largest non-government organisation represented over 350 million European world-wide.

Dr Raymond Xerri has addressed, chaired and mentored many local, national, continental, regional and international conferences, seminars and gatherings related to politics, diplomacy, international relations, the environment and particularly in the area of Diaspora studies. He is an author, editor and producer of a number of publications, multimedia and multilingual productions.

He is also a founder, co-founder and active member of a number of Gozitan, Maltese and internationally based organisations. Dr Xerri was the main organiser of twenty-eight editions of the Gozo International Celebration in Gozo. He has received numerous international awards and is the initiator and editor of the Series Gozo and the Gozitans.

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    1. Lino DeBono says:

      Gozo has always enjoyed great personalities through time. Sadly all of these had to leave Gozo to further their careers as otherwise they will be stagnated in Gozo with no future advancement. Dr Xerri is a bright intelligent person, dedicated to his work.
      I congratulate him and wish him many more future advancements in his professional career.

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