SDM invites Minister Bartolo for discussion with students

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SDM invites Minister Bartolo for discussion with studentsStudenti Demokristjani Maltin (SDM), in a statement today, has said that it wanted to advise B.Ed and MTL students that it has contacted Education Minister Evarist Bartolo, “in an attempt to set a meeting and discuss together the way forward on the matter that arose over the past two days.”

SDM said that the issue is that students “all students at the University of Malta were sent out an e-mail reading,”

“The Education Department has at present a number of vacancies to cover lessons in Accounts, Chemistry, Biology, Integrated Science, ICT and Computer Studies in middle and secondary schools.

Any interested students who would like to work part-time for a number of hours are kindly asked to send an email indicating their availability.”

The SDM stated that, “considering the fact that B.Ed and MTL students spend years studying to become Professional Teachers, we find this to be disrespectful towards these same students.”

It added that, “following consultation with a number of directly affected students, we have contacted the Education Minister to set a meeting with these students as soon as possible.”

“Students who want to become teachers by profession have a commitment and motivation level that no other person can provide, irrespective of whether the individual knows the subject or not,” said the SDM.

The organisation went on to say that, “we believe that such a move will only lead to unmotivated teachers, which will definitely reflect badly on the progress made by their students.”

SDM said that it is “looking forward to a reply from the Minister at his earliest convenience. All affected students will be kept up-to-date with any correspondences made.”

In the meantime the SDM urged any other students to contact them on <> should any other problem arise.

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