September enjoys 279.7 hours of sunshine, with 43.8mm of rain

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September enjoys 279.7 hours of sunshine, with 43.8mm of rainWith some of the highlights from September and the summer months, the Met Office said that September started on a very bright note, with the first day of the month enjoying no less than 11.4 hours of sunshine.

However, it said that, the 8th of September was the month’s gloomiest and windiest day. On the day, the sun shone for a mere 2.8 hours and a maximum gust of 37 knots blowing from the north was recorded.

The islands were pelted by rain falling at a maximum rate of 36.1 mm per hour, ultimately amounting to a total of 20.4 mm.

The 24th, was the month’s wettest day, producing 20.6 mm of September’s total precipitation of 43.8 mm. Thunder was recorded on both the 8th and the 24th of September.

The Met Office said that meteorological records showed that the month had its fair share of sunny days and warm temperatures, “so it was definitely not all rain and rumble in September.”

Last month, the sun shone for a total of 279.7 hours, with its brightest days – 1st and 13th – both enjoying 11.4 hours of sunshine.

September’s mean air temperature of 25.7°C, was a full 3 degrees lower than the previous month’s mean. However, on the 16th, the mercury still shot up to a highest maximum temperature of 31.7°C.

The temperature dipped to a lowest minimum of a cool 16.7°C on the 21st of September, the Met Office said.

The meteorological records show that summer’s highest temperature was registered in July at 38.7°C, while its lowest minimum was recorded in June at 16.6°C.

The Met Office also noted that last summer was hotter than the one before it, with a mean air temperature that was 1.3°C higher than summer 2016’s mean of 25.6°C. “On average, the summer months enjoyed 330.8 hours of sunshine, which is higher than the previous summer’s mean of 313 hours.”

Photograph by Alain Salvary

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