Flooded underpass hampering students reaching University – GUG

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Flooded underpass hampering students reaching University - GUGThe Gozo University Group has said that this week students at the University of Malta have been greeted by a flooded campus and flooded roads and a “waterfall that was the underpass situated near the skatepark.”

“This underpass, a connection for students who wish to cross from Ferris Street to the University, has been flooded for the best part of the week, making it difficult for any student to pass, the Organisation said.

GUG said students have told the Organisation that besides “having to deal with the speedy cars intent on splashing them, they also had to wade through the subway.”

This has become a problem for students on both sides of the channel, commented GUG. “One of the main bus stops is situated on Ferris Street meaning that it is not just the Gozitans that need something to happen.”

“The road over the underpass is one of the busiest roads in Malta, so barriers were erected to stop any serious accidents. With the underpass flooded and the road barricaded, many were left stranded on the other side, waiting for the storm to pass,” said the GUG.

Some of the students took to the internet to voice their thoughts, asking for some immediate solution as they cannot simply “sprout wings” and fly to university.

The GUG has proposed that on occasions such as these, “Transport Malta sends officials to control the traffic and help the students cross to the other side.”

“Stormy weather always poses some sort of problem but we must not allow it to be an excuse to not help students who want to learn. The underpass should be a safer alternative to the dangerous traffic of the roads, not a slippery puddle,” said GUG.

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