Matsec Board refutes GUG’s claims that exam results were published late

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Matsec Board refutes GUG's claims that exam results were published lateMatsec, has this morning responded to the statement issued by GUG this week regarding the “late examination results.”

Matsec said that “contrary to what was implied in the statement, the results of the September Matsec examinations were not published late.”

“Since 1994 the September results have always been published by the 27th September. This deadline was met this year in spite of a very significant increase of candidates due to changes in regulations since 2012 to accommodate requests for wider access.,” it said.

Matsec added that as of 2012, the September Intermediate and Advanced examination session is no longer a re-sit session but a new session.

“The new MATSEC Certificate regulations permit candidates to sit for more subjects and also allow for new registrations in September notwithstanding that the candidates had not registered in May,” it said.

As opposed to previous years, Matsec said that, besides the written examinations, the Board needs to assess all the components of the examination, including the oral and aural parts in languages, and to organise interviews for coursework components in various subjects.

“This has to be carried out in addition to the marking of scripts and the administrative work involved,” it said.

Matsec pointed out that, in previous years the number of candidates sitting for Intermediate and Advanced level examinations used to amount to just over 1000, whereas in the current session there were 2754 candidates who sat for 65 different subjects besides the 1516 candidates who re-sat for SEC examinations.

“In Advanced and Intermediate English alone, just over 900 oral examinations had to be organised whilst in previous years no orals were held since oral results of the May session used to be carried over to September,” said Matsec.

It added that there were similar increases in other subjects with an oral component such as all foreign languages, Systems of Knowledge, Computing, Home Economics and Human Ecology, and Information Technology. “Because of these increases, the last oral sessions were held on the 12th September.”

Furthermore, written and practical examinations were held between the 28th of August and the 7th of September, Matsec said.

Matsec remarked that this was followed by a period of just 12 working days during which these processes had to be carried out: conversion of index numbers to office numbers; distribution of scripts to markers; marking of scripts; collation of marks; grade awarding, processing of results – taking into consideration the results of the last five years – to identify those candidates who have qualified for the Matriculation Certificate over this period; printing of result slips, and preparation for posting and sending results by sms.

The Matsec Board said that, “while it understands the concerns of the GUG, one should also understand that this considerable increase in workload and the short span of time available puts considerable stress on all examiners and administrative staff concerned.”

The Board stated that, “It is due to their commendable efforts that the Matsec Board has managed to meet the deadline for publication of the September session results once again and in so doing paved the way for students to continue with their tertiary studies as from this October.”

It concluded by saying that, “by way of clarification students awaiting the outcome of the September session are still eligible to apply to join a tertiary course at the University of Malta. The academic year for first year students commences on Monday, the 2nd of October.

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