Update Gozo Ministry statement on graffiti at Xlendi’s Kantra Valley

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GTA strongly condemns graffiti vandalism at Xlendi's Kantra ValleyUpdate with Ministry for Gozo Statement below – The Gozo Tourism Association, in a statement on Monday, “strongly condemned the act of vandalism in Xlendi carried out by irresponsible individual/s, on the sides of one of the most beautiful valleys, Gozo is endowed with.”

“The graffiti paintings splashed across the Xlendi Kantra Valley, are a clear act of vandalism, tarnishing the natural beauty of one of the Islands’ picturesque rural areas,” said the GTA.

The Gozo Tourism Association stated that it “deplores such acts of vandalism that in turn, will be damaging Gozo’s touristic offer.”

The Association pointed out that Xlendi is one of the main tourist resorts on Gozo, visited by thousands of visitors each year, to enjoy the pristine surroundings of this fishing village.

“It is a great shame that such vandalism exists and is still practised by very irresponsible persons against society and the environment,” stated the GTA.

The Gozo Tourism Association concluded by saying that it “encourages the enforcement authorities to step up their work towards the protection of such sites and investigate all vandalism, while it urges anyone with any related information to contact the police, who are conducting their investigations to bring those responsible to justice.”

Ministry for Gozo statement:

The Ministry for Gozo, in a statement today regarding the graffiti on the rocks of Kantra Valley in Xlendi, said that while it “deplores all acts which may constitute disfigurement,” it has already taken urgent action to obtain professional advice on rehabilitation of the affected area.

The Ministry added that is in contact with Heritage Malta and other experts to get the best guidance and professional advice on the correct intervention to be carried out.

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    4 Responses

    1. george palmer says:

      The person responsible is an idiot from London. The question here is, are the authorities going to arrest this individual and prosecute him? If he isn’t prosecuted it sends out a message that it is OK to do such thoughtless and senseless things. This has happened recently before and as far as I know,no action was taken.

      • Janet RK says:

        Totally agree. I hope the authorities come down hard on him this is pure vandalism to an area of natural beauty. Why would any normal human being want to do this.

    2. Tony Nichol says:

      Yes, stop him at the airport. Also sydicate the picture of the damage to the U.K. tabloids. As a Brit I am heartily sickened by this vandalism by a fellow Brit.

    3. Jake says:

      This mess can be completely removed using the right environmentally friendly chemicals and a pressure washer. Council maintenance people should be able to do this in a few hours. Look how easy it can be: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VTsJ3_r1yE

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