KSU “unreservedly condemns” illegal shooting of protected birds

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KSU "unreservedly condemns" illegal shooting of protected birdsKaccaturi San Ubertu (KSU ) in a statement today, said that it “unreservedly condemned” the illegal shooting of protected species over the past days. KSU added that “such atrocities only serve to tarnish hunting in Malta.”

KSU stated that that its “efforts to curb crime coupled with those of the enforcement authorities and other responsible hunting bodies, have seen to a such incidents mostly ending up as convictions.”

Referring to the PL pledge to revise certain penalties for hunting crime, remarked that it was pleased to note that “the penalties contemplated for the persecution of protected Birds under Schedule A will remain unaltered.”

KSU went on to say that it “trusts the maximum penalties are applied for any default.”

“The extent of hunter compliance is evidenced by the small number of illegalities in comparison to 10,000 licensed hunters,” remarked KSU.

It reiterated that the “exemplary behaviour of the absolute majority should not be penalised due to the actions of a few undesirables, who are not worthy of being called hunters.”

Photograph KSU

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