Gozo’s policies and proposals will be drawn up with Gozitans – Delia

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Gozo's policies and proposals will be drawn up with Gozitan - DeliaPN Leader Adrian Delia was in Sannat this evening, where he has been speaking at the PN sub-Headquarters.

He said that policies and proposals affecting Gozo will not be drawn up at the PN Malta Headquarters, but will be done through constant and regular dialogue with Gozitans..

“We want Gozitans themselves to determine what they want and and need,” he said..

He spoke about the distance between Malta and Gozo, saying, “I will not remain reactive to the Government, but will be proactive with a number of ideas already being discussed,” said Adrian Delia.

He explained that while for the Maltese, transportation problem means traffic and public transport, for the Gozitan, it means the challenge of a disproportionately long time to cover a short distance.

Delia also said said that Gozitan PN activists now have to look forward to the European Parliament elections and local council elections in less than two years, as well as the General election in just over four years time.

He addressed in particular the victims and their relatives of vindictive transfers. “The PN must understand the hardships and injustices that people were suffering.” He added that he wants the PM Members to participate in the process for making better policies..

He concluded by saying that he was committed to holding monthly meetings with the Regional Committee for Gozo, and urged the party activists to offer their ideas and proposals to the Nationalist Party.

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