€400,000 in new imaging equipment for Gozo General Hospital

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€400,000 in new imaging equipment for Gozo General Hospital€400,000 has been invested by Vitals Global Healthcare in a new endoscopic imaging suite at the Gozo General Hospital, to visualise the gastro intestinal tract and the urinary system.

VGH said in a statement that the new equipment, includes gastroscopes, colonoscopes, nephroscopes, ureteroscopes and cystoscopes.

It said that the latest imaging technologies are embodied in these instruments and the image processing controllers that form part of the equipment package.

“The urology component of the equipment package will enable the direct optical visualisation of all the structures within the Urinary System. These instruments provide a channel to visualise, detect, diagnose and where applicable, treat lesions within the urinary system with ease and in safety,” said VGH.

“These instruments will enable specialists at VGH Gozo General Hospital to improve the quality of care offered to our patients, thanks to more accurate diagnosis and treatment options due to this enhanced technology, as well as improvements in safety and comfort for the patient,” Dr Nadine Delicata, CEO of VGH Gozo General Hospital explained.

“This is conducive to improved patient outcomes and decreased complication rates, thus improving patient quality of life, and reducing the need for further surgical procedures and need for re-intervention.”

Dr Delicata added, that “the success of a procedure hinges on the ability to clearly visualise the epithelial surface pit pattern and vascular pattern. The optical enhancement technology provided by these instruments, creates a very unique platform where both digital and optical enhancements are available. This enhances the Endoscopist’s efforts at detection, identification and confirmation.”

VGH explained that, “the GI scopes provide outstanding HD+ megapixel resolution image clarity for improved visualisation of the slightest mucosal detail. The endoscopes’ enhanced, second-generation HD+ megapixel resolution imaging sensors provide maximum image clarity for improved visualisation. Close focus technology enhances mucosal detail in the near field, which may help detect and differentiate subtle lesions assisting with definitive diagnosis and improving therapy outcomes.

“These instruments contain flexible and anatomy following elements as well as rigid instruments and are designed to cause the least trauma possible to the tissues within the body.”

Photograph by VGH

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