New additional school building to open at Colegio Anthony Zammit

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New additional school building to open at Colegio Anthony Zammit6 years ago, Gozitan priest Fr Anthony Zammit founded a secondary school – Colegio Anthony Zammit – in the Selva of Santa Rosa, in a war zone called VRAEM.

Although he has since left the priesthood, Mr Zammit said that he continued with his benevolent deed. “With God’s help, the school kept going and the first class graduated last year.”

The secondary school was started in 2011 by Mr Zammit with just one class. He said that he had to pay the extra teachers, buy desks, whiteboards etc, adding that “it was a very hard job because not only of procuring finances but to work in a corrupt environment.”

This coming November the second class will graduate and start preparation for the University entrance exams, but they will do their last month studying in a new building, because Mr Zammit said, that he has, together with the locals, now built a new school.New additional school building to open at Colegio Anthony ZammitAnthony remarked that he did not do any fundraising these last years, “but continued helping the school by personal support and with the support from many donors. Most of the money came from the Peruvian Government.”

The inauguration of the new school building is taking place next Friday, the 22nd of September, for which Mr. Zammit will be attending.

Anthony Zammit said that he would like to thank all those who have supported him during these years with donations and also for the Gozo Hospital Administration and HR at the OPM for their continuous support.

Please see the school’s facebook page and get more news. at coelgio.anthonyzammit

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    1. anthony zammit says:

      I was asked what I.E.P means. INSTITUCIÓN EDUCATIVA PÚBLICA, Colegio is the name given to High School, then there is Academia which is pre-study private classes and then Universita So I.E.P is Public Educational Institution. The headmaster is Director or Directora.

      If any readers have any suggestions, want to make a twinning of their High School class or any other type of comment to support me by encouraging me, I will like that. Thank you

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