50,000 Ryanair seats on sale from €9.99 for travel October-December

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50,000 Ryanair seats on sale at €9.99 for travel October-December50,000 seats have gone on sale starting from €9.99 in a Ryanair – 100 Days to Christmas – seat sale. The airline said that travel is from October to December

Discounted seats are available on 78 different routes across Ryanair’s network and must be booked by midnight on Monday, the 18th of September.

Visit Ryanair.com to see the list of routes on offer and book..

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    4 Responses

    1. Gideon Woodside says:

      Are they serious? We do read the papers. Book a flight with them and the chances are they will cancel it the day before leaving you stranded, just as they are leaving thousands stranded at the moment. How can anyone trust them again, I certainly won’t.

    2. Ray Pizer says:

      They are not even cheap unless you fly with an oversized bag in the cabin and no hold luggage.
      By the time you add baggage etc. you often find it is cheaper to fly Air Malta and certainly a lot more pleasant!

    3. Nigel Baker says:

      My guess is, Gideon, that you have had a bad experience with Ryanair and are therefore, may I say, a little cynical. They are proven to be one of the best airlines in the world for getting people from A to B at extremely competitive prices. Whatever the add-on costs might be, 9.99 euros for a one way flight is cheaper than a taxi from Victoria to Ghasri, and probably a lot less bumpy!

    4. Jens Hornicke says:

      No other one fly “cheaper” between Malta and Stockholm Skavsta 69 times now for me the last 8 years and never a problem.

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