MEP Roberta Metsola elected to new EU anti-terrorism Committee

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MEP Roberta Metsola elected to new EU anti-terrorism CommitteeMEP Roberta Metsola has been elected as one of the MEPs forming part of the new European Parliament Committee dealing with anti-terrorism measures.

Speaking in Strasbourg, Dr Metsola remarked, “as the Maltese MEP on the Committee, I will be part of the negotiations and discussions and will look at how and why information is shared between law enforcement authorities and what role the EU can play to make sure that our systems are always kept one step ahead of those who wish to attack our values and way of life in Europe.”

Dr Metsola said that, “the EU needs to act faster and stronger when it comes to preventing and responding to acts of terror.”

“Intelligence will remain a national competence but this new Committee will look at cross- border counter-terror measures in the European Union, recommend where we can improve and identify where we need to plug any gaps,” she added.

Thirty MEPs will sit on the Committee, which will have a 12-month mandate to address the practical and legislative deficiencies in the fight against terrorism across the EU.

The Committee is to deliver a mid-term and a final report containing factual findings and recommendations.

Dr Metsola concluded by saying that, “this new special committee is a strong signal that security matters will always remain at the top of our agenda and that the safety and security of our citizens is paramount.”

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    1. george palmer says:

      As retired police officer from London I wonder what experience Metsola or any of these other MEP’s have in this field. I suspect nothing. She, in 2015 I remember was at the forefront of inviting millions of potential terrorists, murderers, rapists etc into Europe because she was earning a good wedge. Now that project has gone ‘the shape of a pear’ as we say in England she is earning money from the seeds she sowed. How can we protect ourselves from these politically correct lunatics that will eventually destroy our ways of life but make themselves rich on their path?

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