BirdLife receives 2 shot protected birds, including a Marsh Harrier

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BirdLife receives another 2 shot protected birds, including a Marsh HarrierBirdLife Malta said that it has received another two illegally shot protected birds, including the first bird of prey of the season – a Marsh Harrier – which was shot this morning, and is calling on the Government, “to intervene and stop this massacre.”

The NGO, in a statement said that, “an examination by the vet showed that due to the injuries sustained to its left wing, the bird would have never been able to fly again and it had to be euthanised.

It added that, “another European Bee-eater was recovered yesterday from Marsaskala and today’s Marsh Harrier, which was found by a cyclist on the road between Mgarr and Ghajn Tuffieha, brings the total number of known shot protected birds this autumn hunting season to six, and the season has only been open for 10 days.”

Before today’s Marsh Harrier, since the start of the season BirdLife said that it has recovered three European Bee-eaters, a Grey Heron and a Night Heron.

“Although this is the first raptor to be received by BirdLife Malta this season, these numbers are just an indication of the number of birds being shot illegally during the hunting season,” it said.

According to BirdLife, “another bird of prey was in fact reported to the police having been shot down in Saqqajja this morning.”

“The fact that we have received a raptor this weekend does not bode well for the expected peak in the migration of raptors expected in the coming weeks,” remarked the NGO.

“We therefore call on Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, Minister Josè Herrera and Parliamentary Secretary Clint Camilleri, to intervene and stop this massacre,” stated BirdLife.

BLM concluded by saying that it, “seriously hopes that the Government is not in any way considering reducing hunting fines…it should instead put more effort and show some serious commitment to protecting birds which are presently migrating over Malta.”

Photograph by BirdLife Malta

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    3 Responses

    1. george palmer says:

      Maltese government, put your spine back in and end this hunting season-now.

    2. Philip Melton says:

      Hello Gozo, You have a beautiful island why do you want to kill everything on it, wildlife, especially birds and the stark lack of flora and fauna? Surely you understand the more diversity you have the more tourists will come which is good for your reputation and the purse.

      Yesterday we walked along spectacular cliffs when we bumped into a young man sat in a stone hut just waiting for something to kill, when asked why he just grunted, is it an intelligence thing?

      My wife was so upset when she realised what the many huts were for she just wanted to return home. Difficult to get past the wanton destruction in the name of sport. Does Brussels really need to step in. Can you not sort this yourself?

      Dissapointed tourist…… third visit here and all as probably last unless things change.
      Philip Melton

    3. James says:

      Yes it’s very sad, that there is such a destructive attitude to things here. Instead of treasuring these islands and their natural beauty, a certain amount of people just do everything they can to destroy things. Building ugly buildings, packing every inch of space with noisy, polluting old cars.

      Fortunately the EU seem like they are starting to take a tougher stance on these issues lately, particularly bird trapping, and noise pollution. It would be nice to see some conservation, rather than destruction for a change.

      When groups do try to change anything, the standard response from these ‘Neanderthal types’ is usually death threats, or getting their cars vandalised.

      We’re so lucky to live in such a beautiful place, with very low crime, risk of war, or natural disasters etc, and it’s sad to see if being slowly ruined.

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