Gozo NGOs Association call for volunteers for Befriending Programme

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Gozo NGOs Association call for volunteers for Befriending ProgrammeThe Gozo NGOs Association has issued a call for volunteers for its `Befriending Programme,’ which will involve Maltese nationals and long term residents being partnered with refugees or non-EU nationals.

The Association said that the volunteers will then take part in a series of activities – such as group outings to nature parks or festivals; or individual cultural exchanges based around common interests, such as food, music or customs – all taking place over a period of four months.

Regular training sessions will take place for volunteers before the activities commence, in order to learn about the aims of the programme and better understand the challenges their partners may have faced, the Association said.

Prospective volunteers will need to be available twice a month, during the evening or at weekends, from October until the end of January (there will be a break over the Christmas period); as well as for training on at least a weekly basis from mid-September.

The Gozo NGOs Association said that the main aim of this programme is to promote cross-cultural exchange and understanding and help refugees and third country nationals build relationships with local people in society.

Anyone interested in volunteering is invited to apply here. The deadline for volunteer applications is Monday, the 11th of September 2017.

Applicants will be invited to a informal meeting where they can learn more about what will be involved.

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