Protected Bee-eater shot, just three days into autumn hunting season

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Protected Bee-eater shot, just three days into autumn hunting seasonBirdLife Malta has reported the first known victim of the autumn hunting season – just three days after it opened.

An injured European Bee-eater, which BLM said, was shot at Hal Ghaxaq yesterday. “Bee-eaters can easily be distinguished thanks to its pointed, down-curved bill, long pointed wings and tail but above all its rich exotic colours and bright plumage.”

The shot bird, which is a protected species – was found crawling on the ground unable to fly, by people enjoying a Sunday evening walk.

Following the recovery of the bird yesterday by BirdLife Malta, it was taken this morning to the vet’s clinic for further investigation.

BirdLife said that an X-ray confirmed a fracture to the bird’s right wing as a result of a shotgun injury. It was recommended by the vet that the bird have a period of rehabilitation with the hope that it can be saved.

Bee-eaters are specialists in catching flying insects and they are a common migrant with large flocks seen daily during autumn and spring.

Photographs by BirdLife Malta

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    5 Responses

    1. james duxbury says:

      killing tiny defencless birds is not manly but the sign of a coward .

    2. Jeanette Collins says:

      This makes me feel physically sick and one of the reasons why I won’t be visiting Gozo again until there is a properly Policed TOTAL ban on hunting. It’s disgusting that it is still allowed and beyond my comprehension that people actually still want to do this. The Government and the mindless barbarians that take part in this pastime should be ashamed of themselves.Get a life, and stop taking those of harmless wild creatures.

      • george palmer says:

        One of the main reasons I left Gozo after many years. It is barbaric and these mentally subnormal neanderthals seem to ‘rule the roost.’ Normal, decent Gozitan’s must be so afraid of these savages to have voted for hunting to continue. This despicable dirty habit is a slur on the islands.

    3. Jake says:

      Purely because of the shooting I won’t be visiting Gozo again and neither will my friends. Hit them back with less tourist Euros and maybe the government will act.

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