Fun O’clock: Summer programme held for Gozitan youths

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Fun O’clock: Summer programme held for Gozitan youthsFun O’clock – a programme for all Gozitan youths aged 11-16, was held during the summer, organised by Agenzija Zghazagh in collaboration with the Gozo College and Sir Michelangelo Refalo, Centre for Further Studies.

Gozitan teenagers were welcomed to the drop-in programme twice a week, held at the Gozo Youth Hub at Sir Michelangelo Refalo.

30 youths applied for this programme and they were able to participate in the various activities organised by the youth worker in charge, including art, crafts and also outdoor activities, which the organisers said, turned out to be the most popular.

During the first hour of the programme, youths were encouraged to participate in a team building activity which they really enjoyed, the organisers said.

During the last hour they were free to do any task that s/he liked at the Youth Hub, this included play station, doing crafts, playing board games and more.

The organisers said that as the summer programme was planned on a drop in basis, the participants were more willing to take part and enjoy themselves.

The youths were very enthusiastic about the Dreams of Horses activity, and at the end of the programme the youth worker together with the career adviser, organised an outing to a local horses farm where the group had the opportunity to learn about interacting with various animals, especially horses.

The youths were able to learn different information about horses, especially how to approach and pat a horse, the different types of horses, their life span, how to take care and communicate with a horse.

They were also able to interact with many other animals, such as guinea pigs, free range chickens, geese and ducks. The organisers said that it “was an experience for all of us to cherish especially for the youths that really had a great time, in a wonderful atmosphere.”

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