Melita offering free multiplayer games online

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Melita offering free multiplayer games online!Melita is now offering internet browsers free access to online multiplayer games, with no download or installation required. Internet-browsers can now click on to access the most popular games currently being played around the world, anywhere, any time!

Melita’s online 3D Games provide a great portfolio of games, such as DarkOrbit, Gladius II, Mafia 1930, MG-Soccer, Space Invasion, and allow interactivity with millions of online gamers around the world. Thousands of new users are registering daily, increasing the international online gamers’ community to massive proportions.

Melita’s online 3D Games offer real-time action combined with excellent high-end graphics and attention to detail. “These online 3D games will definitely create an appealing game environment for internet users. Packed with lots of excitement and intuitive controlling, users can now jump straight into the action and start playing. Furthermore, our games are available to all internet browsers, not necessarily Melita subscribers,” explained Jonathan Dalli, Melita’s Marketing Manager for Internet and Telephony.

Melita’s internet and connectivity platform is currently being enhanced following an investment of €10 million in a new state-of-the-art 100km fibre optic submarine cable connecting Malta to the rest of the world. The cable will provide increased capacity for international connectivity, improved redundancy and reliability, a superior performance and enhanced quality of service.

“As our lives are increasingly becoming more dependent on connectivity, having a reliable internet service and adequate capacity is crucial to satisfy people’s lifestyles. Melita’s investment in a new fibre optic cable will further enhance our products and services, with peace of mind as we continue to cater for current and future demands,” said Stephen Wright, Melita’s Chief Operations Officer.

“The advent of Melita’s 30 Mbit connection has pushed our internet service to unchartered territory as we continue to enable our customers to enhance their quality of life through the best and fastest internet experience on the Island,” Mr. Wright concluded.

For further information or to subscribe to Melita’s super-fast internet service, log on to or call Melita on 27 270 270

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