Traces of fipronil found in a number of egg samples in Malta

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Traces of fipronil found in number of egg samples in MaltaThe Environmental Health Directorate said that has said that over the past weeks a series of tests have been carried out on both imported and local eggs.

These samples were sent to an accredited laboratory in Germany. and the Directorate said that the results came back yesterday, with the findings that 8 out of 20 samples had traces of fipronil – a flea poison.

“While the use of this substance is not permissible, the amounts found were not up to toxicity levels,” the Directorate said.

However, as a precaution, the Health Superintendent Public has advised. that until further notice, people should not consume more than two eggs a day.

The test had been carried out after a number of European countries found egg products with traces of the fipronil, chemical.

The Commission for Food Security, the Veterinary Services Directorate and the Environmental Health Directorate, said that they have already taken steps at the sources where these contaminated eggs originated, not to sell eggs on the local market until further testing.

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      Only comment I can think of at the moment is “I love Gozo ” and I will be back home there on the 16 th sept. After medical treatments . Joy . ! Jim .

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