“I am not ashamed of using the terms mother and father,” says Chris Said

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"I am not ashamed of using the terms mother and father," says Chris SaidGozitan PN Leadership contender Chris Said, has said in a statement that he has, “no qualms in re-introducing the mother and father terminology back into the marriage act, alongside the parent definition introduced lately in the bill.”

Chris Said asked, “why should one be embarrassed of using the term mother and father? Why is Helena Dalli so worried about introducing the mother and father terms whilst retaining the rest of the bill intact as approved?”

“The Labour party is embarrassed of using such a terminology. I am not,” remarked Dr Said.

“Let me be clear, a PN-led administration would take nothing away from what has been legislated recently,” he said.

Dr Said added, “whilst retaining all the rights given to LGBTIQ couples, the new bill proposed by a Nationalist administration would re-introduce back the mother and father terminologies alongside the existing “parent” term, for those who wish to retain a more generic definition.”

“As I have highlighted many times before, I voted in favour of the bill because in principle the Nationalist party was clear in its electoral manifesto; that civil unions which bear the rights and responsibilities of a marriage should be defined as such i.e. a marriage.

“However, if I am elected leader of the Nationalist party, and the electorate provides us with the mandate to govern, a Nationalist administration would re-introduce the mother and father term,” insisted Dr Said.

Chris Said concluded by saying that “if Helena Dalli would still be in parliament then, and would still be ashamed of using the mother and father terminologies, as is currently the case, she would have every right to vote against mother and father – she can put her mind at rest.”

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    1. Ian Barber says:

      Well said Chris Said. Bring some common sense back into this silly, politically correct world. What has happened to what the ordinary citizen wants? If you aren’t in a minority nowadays – forget it.!

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