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Ghajnsielem Council objects to comments on manure disposal facility

Ghajnsielem Council objects to comments about manure disposal siteThe Ghajnsielem Local Council in a statement, has expressed its concern “over comments made by Mr. Phillip Vella, the Mayor of Sannat, to the Malta Independent,” regarding a manure disposal facility in the locality.

The Council said that “Mr. Vella proposes that ‘Tal-Fessej area in Ghajnsielem would be more appropriate for the manure disposal site instead of ‘Triq Zaghwri’ in Munxar.

The Ghajnsielem Local Council said that it, “is disappointed with the way Mr. Vella has chosen to deal with this particular issue,” adding that the Sannat Mayor’s comments were, “unjust and unfair.”

“As a Council we would like to make it absolutely clear with the Maltese authorities that Ghajnsielem already has to deal with a lot of problems and projects, and hence it is not interested in becoming a party to the manure disposal site project whatsoever,” it said.

The Ghajnsielem pointed out that, “one such problem includes the Gozo Sewage Plant – as a site it is indeed already spoiled, but we believe that it is surely not the way forward to continue to spoil the site.”

“What this area needs is more preservation of its marine ecosystem and natural beauty and not the addition of a new burden i.e. a manure disposal site,” stated the Council.

It went on to say that, “whilst it is true that said Manure disposal site project may pose environment and health risks on the Sannat and Munxar residents, it would be equally detrimental for Ghajnsielem residents if it were to be introduced in our locality.”

“As a Local Council we would like to enquire whether it would be possible for every farmer in Gozo to store their own manure in their farms, and hence farmers would be individually responsible, thus avoiding future tensions and problems between various Gozitan localities,” the Council asked.

The Ghajnsielem Local Council concluded its statement by saying that, “since Malta and Gozo form part of the European Union that follows certain principles and values such as respect for human dignity and human rights, the sharing of responsibilities, equality, solidarity among other values, the Ghajnsielem Local Council encourages that these values should also be respected at a local level.”

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