Drugs are a serious wound on Gozo, says Gozo Bishop Maio Grech

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Drugs are a serious wound on Gozo, says Gozo Bishop Maio Grech“One of the expressions of the contemporary dragon is drug trafficking,” said Gozo Bishop Mario Grech, in his homily for the feast of the Assumption at the Cathedral.

Bishop Grech stated that “drugs are a serious wound on Gozo. Several have told me that there is a network of distributes that not only catch adults but also underage children.”

“Any place where drugs are distributed is of serious concern; but it is really humiliating and diabolical that dealers are selling drugs during the feasts,” the Bishop said.

He added that, “while we are here inside the church, it could be that the dragon is preparing to strike and catch those that are in the marches.”

“It has been noted that the consumption of alcohol has decreased during the feast – this is a good thing! – but if so, how is that we see so many people intoxicated after the marches? How can we explain that there is less alcohol consumption, but increased sales of bottled water?” Bishop Grech asked.

He continued, “it is true that in the feasts the price of cocaine sachets explode so that is drys up not only their minds, but also their pockets as it becomes less affordable?”

“I am afraid that if this dragon continues to enjoy protection and is left to be free, we will say there is a change in the Gozo cemetery – because if there is no physical death, there is certainly psychological and social death.”

“Those who become a slave to drugs, will do everything to hand to satisfy their addiction. I know of impoverished families with children that have been caught up in the net. Others, having dependence on drugs, seized the path of crime, such as gambling and theft,” stated the Bishop.

The homily in full by Bishop Grech is available in Maltese here.

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