3 days of music, dance, costumes: The Qala International Folk Festival

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Qala International Folk FestivalThere will be 3 days of music, dance, costumes next month, when the Qala International Folk Festival returns for the 12th year, organised by the Qala Local Council and the Qala Menhir Folk Group.

This very popular festival takes place over three days, between Friday, the 22nd and Sunday, the 24th of September, when the picturesque village of Qala, is transformed into a hub of folk activities that give an insight into the way our ancestors thought and lived in these islands and in other countries.

Guest foreign folk groups also participate during the days of the festival and this intercultural programme has grown to attract locals and visitors for its quality entertainment.

A firm favourite on the Gozo cultural calendar, visitors to Qala will be able to live a few days in the past, savouring the unique atmosphere which is vividly created by the detailed reenactment in dazzling costumes, of a traditional Maltese Wedding and feast.

The story of the Maltese Wedding transforms Qala’s main street and square into a medieval village with scores of men, women and children wearing elaborate costumes, horses drawing carts, shepherds tending sheep, women working lace and children playing traditional games.

It starts with the wooing in Bishop Buttigieg Square, opposite the Qala Local Council’s offices and then the procession proceeds to St. Joseph Square.

The wedding party then make there way to the church Square and the ceremonial vows are taken on the church parvis. A ‘festin’ with traditional delicacies brings the ceremony to an end.

The full programme for the festival will be announced closer to the date.

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