Long-term strategic plan for Gozo on connectivity and infrastructure

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Long-term strategic plan for Gozo on connectivity and infrastructure An agreement has been made for a long-term strategic plan to be drawn up for projects in Gozo related to job creation, as well as improving connectivity and infrastructure on the island, which are assured and sustainable.

This plan is to be actioned immediately, with the aim of maximising Gozo’s potential. The announcement was made during a meeting between the Minister for Gozo, Dr Justyne Caruana, and Gozitan members within the MCESD.

The Minister for Gozo was attending the MCESD pre-budget consultation meeting. She spoke about the various projects and initiatives that were promised to Gozo in the past, but have never been implemented.

Dr Caruana pointed out that when any projects are announced, there should be a time line agreed and established for when it will be completed.

Justyne Caruana, also stressed the importance of politicians being closer to the people and the business community, and that government policy really addresses the current challenges. This, Dr Caruana said, could be achieved through a continuous social dialogue with the social partners.

Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds and Social Dialogue Aaron Farrugia, who was also present at the meeting, praised the initial proposals made be the social partners towards Gozo Budget 2018, which he reiterated, will be created from the electoral manifesto on which the Government was elected.

He said that the Labour Government plan for Gozo will start to be implemented in the next budget. “Through continuous dialogue with the social partners we will find the best ways forward, with local stakeholders, both private and public, benefiting from investments, financial instruments and European funds.”

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