Over 5500 submissions sent in support of 24 public domain sites

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Over 5500 submissions sent in to support 24 public domain sitesMore than 5500 submissions have been sent to support public domain sites. Friends of the Earth Malta and Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar, in a joint statement, thanked all the citizens who voiced their support in having the 24 sites protected.

The ENGOs said that although the public consultation took place in the middle of summer, “the overwhelming response clearly shows that Maltese people value nature.”

Adding that, “Maltese and Gozitans would like to see that these vast stretches of land and sites of historic heritage that contribute to the public’s well-being, will be provided a further layer of protection to ensure they are not only maintained and preserved today, but safeguarded for generations to come.”

The public consultation period is now over and the proposals will be forwarded with recommendations in an Annual Report to the Minister for Lands, to be considered by Parliament after it reconvenes from summer recess.

The ENGOs concluded by saying that they hope that “the support and comments submitted through this initiative will send a strong signal to Parliament, which will hopefully approve the protection of all the sites on the list.”

Photograph by Mario Xerri

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