‘Let’s Do It’ National Clean-up Campaign Day in Gozo and Malta

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'Let's Do It' National Clean-up Campaign Day in Gozo and MaltaThis year’s ‘Let’s Do It’ National Clean-up Campaign will take place on the 16th of September, organised by JCI Malta & Malta Clean-up.

Gozo is included within this clean-up initiative, the organisers said that they have reached out to all Local Councils within Gozo, so far there are 3 confirmed locations – from Ghasri Gharb and Nadur.

Some Gozo Councils have indicated that they are interested in joining the initiative, with others yet to reply, but the organisers said that none have so far rejected outright.

For any Gozitan who would like to participate they are urged to contact the Lets Do It Facebook page, and subscribe to the related event. “If their council is not yet part of the event we urge them to contact them, and send us locations within their locality which they think need to be cleaned up,” JCI said.

Once all the spots are finalised, the organisers will share a map with all the exact locations.

JCI Malta & Malta Cleanup have also announced that they are raising funds via a rewards based crowdfunding campaign on ZAAR, to continue working on their project with the aim of cleaning Malta in one day.

They said that the campaign is targeting to raise over €10,000 to clean up the islands, while increasing awareness of littering and lack of recycling in Malta and with the ultimate aim of changing the mind-set of the Maltese population.

“The €105,081,000 per year spent on solid ‘Waste Management,’ based on NSO data from 2015, are clearly insufficient to keep our islands clean. Every day, in our commutes we see things which many Maltese are not happy to share with tourists, and their social media accounts,” the organisers said.

“Much of the plastic and waste in different sites, being a small island, end up in the sea, impacting Life in Water. So much so that by 2050, it is expected that there would be more plastic in the ocean than there would be fish,” it added.

JCI Malta, who had already agreed to move forward the global sustainable development goals, which the Maltese Government also signed earlier this year, said that it is committed to the ‘Let’s Do It’ World clean-up project.

They said that, together with Malta Clean-up they have taken a leading role in making sure that Malta successfully participates in World Clean-up Day in 2018. This campaign is the first major milestone towards that target.

The National Clean-up Day, which is happening on the 16th of September, is targeted at involving at least 10,200 volunteers and 68 local councils, with a total of 204 spots to be cleaned up around the Maltese Islands, so far they have 29 councils involved.

The organisers said that the crowdfunding campaign is primarily offering rewards to volunteers who would like to form part of the clean-up and would like to contribute financially, in exchange for rewards which are redeemed on the same day.

This campaign is being driven by JCI Malta and Malta Cleanup, primarily by Valeria Lvova and Camilla Appelgren respectively. Camilla, originally from Sweden, has been running clean-ups in Malta for the past 6 years, dragging her 2 young kids along for the ride.

JCI Malta, who has been providing development opportunities for young people in Malta for the last 22 years, has been involved in similar campaigns in 2012 and 2014.

JCI Malta is supported by KPMG, MISCO, the Concept Stadium, Maze Digital and Eduline.


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