Gozo intervention teams launched in a bid to clean-up the island

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Gozo intervention teams launched in a bid to clean-up the islandThe Minister for Gozo Justyne Caruana, has announced the establishment of new intervention teams to clean-up the beaches, as well as areas frequented by tourists.

Minister Caruana explained that the rationale behind this initiative is to have an organised structure able to make a speedy intervention where necessary and with continuous monitoring to ensure more cleanliness.

She added that the work will also continues throughout the winter.”It is one of the priorities of the Ministry for Gozo to have a continuous campaign on the need for cleanliness in Gozo and that’s why we are carrying out several initiatives to raise awareness and increase services to ensure that Gozo is kept clean,” said Minister Caruana.

The team is made up of Government workers, identifiable by their uniforms and vehicles, who are provided with the equipment necessary to intervene on the spot, or to respond quickly to a complaint from the public.

The Minister said that the public can help and participate in this initiative, as well as submit complaints, on a dedicated freephone 80075556, as well as email address: servizz.mgoz@gov.mt

A mobile app is also being developed, details of which will be announced at a later date, therefore enabling the public to send photos of the abuses seen.

The Minister explained how through these initiatives “the Ministry is showing its determination to have a cleaner Gozo and it is expecting the cooperation of the public to show a sense of civic pride, by lodging complaints whenever they see abuse or neglect.”

“Cleanliness is better for our health and the environment around us, but also for the Gozitan tourism product,” stressed Dr Caruana.

Photographs: MGOZ/Terry Camilleri

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    1. Janet Rainbow King says:

      Wonderful news however it should not have to be down to these people, everyone should want to keep the island clean and beautiful, and be responsible for their own rubbish.
      Well done and Thank you though for this initiative for keeping Gozo idyllic.

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