Cutting of palms used by fishermen during the lampuki season

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Cutting of palms used by fishermen during the lampuki seasonThe lampuki fishing season is fast approaching and in a statement, the Plant Protection Directorate said that it would like to emphasise the importance on the correct use of palm fronds.

It said that the fronds taken from palm trees to be used for the lampuki fishing season are free from any symptoms associated with the Red Palm Weevil (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus) pest, this is in order to further reduce the dispersion of this pest.

The Directorate said that it is common practice for fishermen to cut hundreds of palm fronds used as a traditional method for lampuki fishing during the month of August.

Therefore, the Plant Protection Directorate said that it is appealing for the cooperation of those involved in these activities to safeguard the respective local laws; request the supervision of the Directorate instructing about the cutting of palm fronds; as well as to follow the guidelines listed below:

The fronds must be cut as short as possible to decrease the infestation source which is normally found in the lower part of the frond.

In addition to this, the cutting of palm fronds must be followed by preventive treatments against the Red Palm Weevil using a combination of insecticides to cover the fresh lesions, since this pest prefers to lay its eggs on fresh cuts in the palm tree.

The palms from which fronds are taken must be treated immediately with appropriate insecticides. This treatment must be repeated for three consecutive times so that the tree is protected in the best possible way;

The Directorate also said that special attention must be given if fronds are taken from the palm species Canary Palm (Phoenix canariensis) which is one of the most susceptible types for this insect. This is the biggest among these palm species and has dark green fronds with sharp edges.

For further information and guidance one can contact the Plant Protection Directorate within the Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change on 22926535, or on freephone 80072310.

An email can also be sent for information to or visit the Directorate’s website


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