Minister for Gozo Justyne Caruana visits facilities at the port of Mgarr

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Minister for Gozo Justyne Caruana visits facilities at the port of MgarrThe Minister for Gozo Justyne Caruana, together with the Permanent Secretary, the Director and other senior officials from the Ministry for Gozo, visited the offices and facilities at Mgarr, including the Gozo Channel Terminal, the Police Station and the agricultural and fisheries office.

The Minister said the port of Mgarr is a strategic and important area, both from the aesthetic point of view and in terms of the services it provides. The aim of the visit was to identify works to be implemented to improve the environment and services, this includes for workers to be able to operate more comfortably.

Dr Caruana stated that the electoral manifesto contained very important proposals, including a fisheries office, facilities for farmers, upgrading marina facilities and strengthening Gozo Channel.

The Minister said that the Ministry has already begun planning with some set for next year, including a fishermen’s office and a depot for farmers.

During the visit Minister Caruana met and talked with workers, fishermen and tour operators inviting them to submit their suggestions.

“The way to welcome visitors to this Gozo port must be with traditional hospitality and that is precisely why we must work together for a better environment for workers and always seek to improve the services we offer. We must ensure that each arrival and departure that visitors experience in Gozo is organised and efficient,” said the Minister Justyne Caruana.

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    1. Martin says:

      I hope Justyne noticed that Gozo ferries STILL have no recycling bins on the decks of the Ferries this is extremely non environment friendly the island has moved forward over the last year with better recycling systems and improved waste disposal.lets hope she noticed and can take some action and get recycling bins on the ferries .

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