Gozitan Nationalist MP Chris Said launches leadership campaign

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Gozitan Nationalist MP Chris Said launches leadership campaignGozitan Nationalist MP Chris Said launched his leadership campaign this morning to become the head of the Nationalist Party.

Chris Said explained how at this time of great challenges for PN, “it can ill afford a leader who still has to find his feet, it needs an experienced leader who knows both the Party and the people well.”

Dr Said added, that this will ensure that, “from day one, work begins on getting the Nationalist Party back on its feet again.”

He pointed out that “after many years as Nadur Mayor, as Parliamentary Secretary, Minister and Secretary-General, I have the experience and energy that the PN needs at this time.”

Said Chris launched his campaign in front of the PN club in Safi. He said he did so because, “as Head of the PN I will not wind up sitting in the office at Headquarters all the time, but will go to meet the people, once a week, every week.”

The Party Clubs should also be returned to locations for political discussions, and the PN would also restart the system of street leaders, Dr Said remarked.

“Safi is in the south of Malta where the PN has lost much of its support, including the Safi Council. Thus, as Head of PN I will commission an analysis of social changes in Malta and Gozo, so that the PN will once again reflect the aspirations of the people. Not least in the south of Malta,” stated Chris Said.

“As Head of PN I will launch a strategy for workers in industrial zone for PN representatives to be appointed to them as a point of contact, to rebuild the bridge between the workers and PN,” he said.

Chris Said went on to say that support for him is increasing daily and commented that, “this is not a personal adventure, but a natural step for the health of the party, at a time when the party has the most need.”

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