50 bike stands being installed in strategic locations around Gozo

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50 bike stands being installed in strategic locations around Gozo50 bike stands are being installed in strategic locations around Gozo. The stands vary in size and each can take between five and ten bikes.

The Minister for Gozo Dr Justyne Caruana announced the new investment initiative, which she explained, is part of the EcoGozo strategy.

Dr Caruana said that such initiatives have more than just one use, “because while we are offering facilities for those who choose to use a bicycle as a means of transport, we will also be promoting cycling itself.”

“This means that it is further promoting a healthy life through exercise, but also we’re helping to reduce the use of vehicles and therefore less traffic congestion, less smoke and less pollution. This in itself leads to a better quality of life not only for the cyclists, but for the general community,” the Minister said.

The Minister for Gozo went on to explain that the purpose of EcoGozo is precisely this, where the ultimate goal is the promotion of Gozo as an ecological island, offering similar initiatives to optimise the environment of Gozo, as well as leading to a more pleasurable lifestyle.

Director of EcoGozo, Vicky Xuereb, explained how the locations for the stands will be with the agreement of Local Councils.

She said that this project is fully funded by EcoGozo Regional Development Directorate within the Ministry for Gozo and complements the vision of EcoGozo for the island.

Photographs: MGOZ/George Scerri

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    1. jane says:

      this a not a good idea because people who already drive cars refuse to use anything else and you are just causing more traffic and confusion with adding bicycles. It is also dangerous for bikes to be on the same road with cars . Maltese government should make it a law to have only one car for each family. There should be no car rentals and tourists can all uses buses.

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