Minister Justyne Caruana meets with the Gozo Regional Committee

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Minister Justyne Caruana meet with the Gozo Regional CommitteeAt her first meeting with the Gozo Regional Committee, the Minister for Gozo Justyne Caruana, emphasised the importance of the Committee to work in a structured and strategic manner, so that in Gozo opportunities are offered in socio-economic fields to obtain the maximum benefits for the community.

Minister Caruana said that the Gozo Regional Committee brings together the work of 17 delegated representatives of different sectors of society and the MCESD Chairman, and it is important that this work be coordinated in the context of national developments.

The aim is for the Committee to work in an integrated manner and not in isolation. The Minister said that the Committee’s work should be appreciated because it brings together resources and ideas that have the potential to assist in policymaking for Gozo. She also said that the Gozo Regional Committee plays a crucial role in Gozo projects.

Dr Caruana reiterated that she believes in the consultation process and expressed her wish that the Regional Committee will be an important forum for this process, so that it can be carried out effectively and directly.

The Minister Caruana thanked the Committee members and reaffirmed her commitment to assist the Committee in favour of Gozo.

The Gozo Regional Committee began meeting in 2008 and four years later was represented on the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development. The Committee is unique to Gozo in its legal function to propose Gozo to government policy.

At today’s meeting, Minister Caruana was given an account of the Committee’s work, including its involvement in the autonomous regional policy debate.

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