45% of Gozo tourist establishments report drop in business – GTA

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45% of Gozo tourist establishments report drop in business - GTAA survey has been carried out by the Gozo Tourism Association among its members, relating to the Gozitan tourist establishments’ performance during the winter period January to April this year.

It found that 45% of respondents stated that the performance of their establishment were less when compared to same period of 2016, while 27% qualified their business performance as on the same levels of last year.

The GTA said that another 27% of the establishments, declared that their performance during the first four months were better than the same period of last year.

When asked in the survey what the majority of their clientele was during this period, the GTA said 7% of the respondents stated that their clients were Gozitans, while 49% answered that they hosted mostly Maltese. On the other hand 44% confirmed that the majority of their clientele was made up of foreign tourists.

When compared to same period last year on business revenue generated, 30% of those that responded declared that their revenue was better than 2016, while 27% stated that their revenue was on the same levels of last year. The GTA said that the survey also showed, that 43% of the establishments reported better revenue than 2016.

GTA members were asked in the survey to assess their profitability during this period. 26% of respondents stated that their profitability has increased on 2016 period, while 28% answered that their profits were on the same levels of last year. 46% of the establishments declared that their profits were less than those achieved in 2016.

On a question related to labour force within the Gozitan tourism establishments. A majority of 54% stated that the lack of employees is effecting negatively their business. 22% of respondents stated that although it is a problem to find employees, this issue is not yet affecting their business too much. The GTA said that the survey found that 20% have a stable work force, and this is not causing a problem for their business operation.

Questioned on the type of vacancies they need to fill, 38% of respondents stated that they are looking for cleaners and maids. While 24% need of service staff, followed by 16% who are looking for kitchen staff.

The GTA said that the remaining respondents answered that they have vacancies for front office/customer care, maintenance, and sales persons.

The domestic market performance during the period January to April was also covered in the survey. The GTA said that this market has become generally known “as a good sustainer of the Gozitan tourism sector and is thus well welcomed by all operators.”

The period showed an improved performance for 29% of respondents, while nearly half of the survey participants, or 46%, declared that the performance of the domestic market in their establishment remained the same as last year. The domestic market performance was classified as decreased on 2016 by 24% of respondents, the GTA said.

Gozitan tourism establishments were also asked to rate their predictions for this summer. The GTA noted that 36% are expecting an increase in business on 2016, while a high percentage of 41% of respondents are envisaging that their business performance will remain in the regions of summer 2016. 23% are anticipating a decrease in their business this summer when compared with that of 2016.

The survey was carried out in the following sectors: Hotels and other collective accommodation, self catering accommodation establishments, Restaurants, Diving, transport services, tourist attractions as well as DMCs and tour operators and travel agencies

While thanking its members from all sectors of the tourism industry on Gozo for their encouraging participation in this survey, the Gozo Tourism Association confirmed its intention to carry out these surveys on a regular basis in order to get periodical snapshots of prevailing trends within the Gozitan tourism scenario, it said.

Photograph by Alain Salvary


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