Xlendi excavation works causing tourists to terminate their holiday

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Xlendi excavation works causing tourists to terminate their holidayThe Gozo Tourism Association has said that it is receiving complaints from a number of its members, stating that in spite of the Summer Break Time notice issued recently, excavation works are still being carried out in the heart of the Xlendi resort.

The Association added that, “consequently, tourists staying in the neighbouring accommodation units are leaving their respective accommodation, and abruptly terminating their holiday.”

This notice details tourism areas that prohibits excavation and demolition works at constructions sites, within designated tourism areas, during the summer months.

“Although reports were filed with the competent Authorities, these works are still going on.” the GTA stated.

The Gozo Tourism Association, concluded by calling on the concerned Authorities, “to enforce and apply the Summer Break Time directive, in order to cut the nuisance and inconveniences to tourists and accommodation owners.”

Photograph by Alain Salvary

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    7 Responses

    1. Revel Barker says:

      To whom (apart from Gozo News) has the GTA complained?

    2. Jane says:

      Gozo is a very small island and the never ending construction is making it look very ugly and chlostrophobic. If this continues, you will kill tourism. It feels like your surrounded by clutter!

    3. anthony zammit says:

      Sorry Jane I had to look up your chlostrophobic. I thought it was a new word from Cholesterol; Cholesterolphobic but I was disappointed because there is no such new word and all you meant was claustrophobic.

      They are always inventing new words because we are continuously changing. For example, We all have a mobile phone or two and yes some suffer from what they called “nomophobia” — no mobile phone phobia…. Nomophobia is the term created by British researchers in 2008 to identify people who experience anxiety when they have no access to mobile technology. James A. Roberts, a professor of Marketing at Baylor University, also saw the need to invent another word to explain people who ignore everyone else (being snubs) while on the phone and he coined the act “phubbing,” the combination of the words “phone” and “snubbing.” So when you bend down and lose yourself on the phone you are phubbing. The person doing it is the ‘phubb’ or a Phubber’
      Jane you see where you took me roaming around in my mind with your simple mistake?

    4. anthony zammit says:

      Because I made a bet which thanks to you I won, that you will surely say something. Now we know that you have an outofconphobia…….. Ok Ok ….’Out of Contest phobia’.

      • Revel Barker says:

        If you are trying to play with words, and pretending to be clever, consider “out of CONTEXT”.

    5. anthony zammit says:

      I know I am clever (enough). I do not have to pretend and yes I wrote ‘contest‘ so that I will sit you down and make you answer me again, hence I won another bet with my good friend Mr T. Dear Mr Barker, I am not trying to show my cleverness, it is people who need assertion who do that, I just want to play because life should be nothing but fun and play. I knew that my first comment was out of context, (yet it was fun) but what the heck! Did it have to bother you so much that you had to quibble about it? I have lived in Gozo my whole life so I got used with the pestering flies everywhere. I don’t complain about it, I don’t make a fuss of it; on the contrary, it became my second nature to change the perception of negative impressions to a more joyful one ergo ‘claustrophobic to Nomophobia’. No mobile, that is funny for me! You are wise enough to know that ‘You are what you think you are’ I wanted to alienate the writer by averting her from seeing Gozo as claustrophobic after I distracted her from it by sharing a couple of new words. That was my humble way of helping out. You know that that is what I have always done my whole life.
      Yet, if I was a little bit like you I would have complained with Jane and told her that she has no idea of Gozo, how vast and empty it is, just after a 5-minute walk. Wherever you live you will be in the countryside. No matter if some more flats are built. Go anywhere and you will find nature, rocks and open space. Gozo will never become a claustrophobic place. Tourists will not cease to come as long as we remain positive and lovely people.

      But I am not you Mr Barker and I do not like to bark at any fly that flies around.

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