Hondoq, Ta’ Cenc and Cittadella to be considered as Public Domain sites

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Hondoq, Ta' Cenc and Cittadella to be considered as Public Domain sitesThe Planning Authority is issuing for public consultation a list of 24 sites, including 3 in Gozo ,which have been nominated to be declared as ‘Public Domain.’ Following the unanimous approval by Parliament, in May 2016, of the ‘Public Domain’ law.

In Gozo the proposed sites are:

• Site at Hondoq, Qala;

• Cittadella, Victoria, Gozo;

• Site at Ta’ Cenc, Sannat; and

• Comino

The PA said that this will ensure that the public will be given the right to enjoy these sites, saving third party rights.

eNGO Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar (FAA) nominated more than half of the sites and include Manoel Island, Wied Garnaw, Villa Gwardamangia and Comino among others.

Friends of the Earth (Malta) nominated another set which included il-Ballut tal-Wardija and Fomm ir-Rih.

Minister for the Environment Dr. Jose Herrera nominated the area covered by the Nwadar National Park. Some of the sites either overlap or are duplicate since they were proposed by different parties.

The Planning Authority said that it is obliged to consult the public on the proposed public domain sites.

It added that the concept of public domain was introduced and included as part of the Civil Code. Territory and property within the Maltese Islands maybe declared by Parliament as public domain.

These sites are to be included and forwarded in an Annual Report with recommendations to the Minister responsible for Lands.

“The Annual Report will then be considered by Parliament. Sites and property can only be proposed by the Minister responsible for Lands, Members of Parliament or NGOs,” the PA said.

The full list and set of maps outlining the site boundaries as proposed may be viewed through the Planning Authority’s website here.

The maps contain existing information on property rights as obtained from the respective entities. This information is not exhaustive.

Through this public consultation exercise, the Planning Authority said that the public is being invited to indicate which of these proposed sites merit this kind of designation.

It added that, land owners with private rights and titles on land within the indicated boundaries are encouraged to come forward with official documentation to ensure that the status of each site is correctly recorded.

Proposals for new sites will not be considered through this public consultation exercise.

Submissions and comments may be sent directly from the dedicated Geoserver through email address publicdomain@pa.org.mt or postal address: Public Domain 2017, Planning Authority, St. Francis Ravelin, Floriana FRN1230. The closing date is Friday, the 11th of August 2017.

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    13 Responses

    1. Peter Paul says:

      A big kudos to pawlu for keeping hondoq away from sharks

    2. sal says:

      Hondoq looks like a parking lot with all the cars. People should all take the bus and get off on the Qala square and walk to Hondoq. All people in Qala should also walk to Hondoq.

    3. John says:

      Sal Are you serious ??? Hondoq is there for all to enjoy let people decide

    4. Jane says:

      Since the roads are so narrow in Qala, there is no reason why all people in Qala and everywhere else cannot walk to Hondoq from the square to Hondoq unless a person is not healthy. That should be the only reason one needs a car. There is nothing to brag about because Hondoq does look like a parking lot that comes with water

    5. James says:

      Sadly these beautiful islands are being decimated by motor vehicles. I find the buses to be excellent in Gozo. I’d much rather use public transport, and walk, rather than spending hours in traffic jams, and being unable to find anywhere to park.

    6. Jane says:

      its not enough that every family in Gozo has a car but every family has a car per person in the family. Everyone going to Hondoq should get off the bus at the Qala Square and walk down to Hondoq and return to the square by walking unless physically unable too. This includes all Qala residents. Its not a long walk!

    7. Edit (resident) says:

      The biggest problem with hondoq are the kiosks taken all the parking spaces, mainly by the public convenience also at the very top.end & further in. However in this hot weather can you really see older people walking down from the Qala church to the bottom.. then back up again, that in my books its a death wish or at least reserve an ambulance for the people that suffer from High BP i think not !, Hondoq is for all ages, but unfortunately talking to Qala council regarding providing ample space for parking is :Falling on deaf ears: >the person in charge is not listening, this also *includes the amount of heavy trucks laden with stones from morning till noon passing through the narrow roads of Qala*, when is it going to end i wonder? this problem was reported a couple of years back to no avail.

      • wendy says:

        Yes i agree these last few weeks it has been literally murder trying to find a place to part, most of the space is taken up by a permanent kiosk and further down 2 other kiosks. Its just not on, and it seems that the Qala council are just a waste of time, will not vote for the present next time round.

    8. Jane says:

      if the Mayor from Qala really wants to improve Hondoq, he should take this idea very seriously. It would improve the air in Qala and all the fields from all the car pollution and prevent Hondoq from looking like a parking lot

    9. Jane says:

      Edit, I said that certain people who are not able to walk should be exempt but everyone else in Qala and anywhere else should walk it. Its not a long walk. The biggest problem Qala has is the car pollution that people breath in and goes into everyones fields. The buses that stop in the square are enough. There is no need for cars unless you like the look of a parking lot instead of a beach

      • Richard says:

        Yes what about the Big Lorries that pass through the narrow roads of Qala on a daily bases, polluting the air with diesel and very dangerous when people are walking their dogs etc., i believe the Major was informed of this quite a while ago according to many residents but still no go nothing has been done, i am sure a new mayor may be the answer .

    10. James says:

      Gozo is the perfect place for electric vehicles, but they are still few and far between. The cars that queue up outside our front door in traffic jams are mainly from the 80’s/90’s + the old diesel commercial vehicles, that should have been scrapped 20 years ago. Combined with the 2 stroke mopeds and quad bike fumes, we are left facing asphyxiation in our own living room most evenings and have to retreat to another room. How Malta/Gozo meet their EU emissions targets is beyond me. I think a heavy tax on old, dirty vehicles is the only way to get them off the road.

    11. Jane says:

      For Qala residents, Hondoq is only about a 10 minute walk. They should leave their cars at home and take up walking for the environment of Qala unless they are not physically able to walk. Everyone else can get off at the square and walk it.

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