A different interview with Archbishop Pawl Cremona and Gozo Bishop Mario Grech

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Gozo Bishop Mario Grech with childrenWho is the Italian football fan? Who shut up when he’s angry? Who likes coffee and who likes tea? Do you think they like chocolate ice-cream? Who prefers documentaries and who likes to watch action films? Do they hate waking up early in the morning? What is their favourite food and drink? What is their most embarrassing situation? – This week, four children from the Projectnews team met the two charming Bishops and asked them several questions that they were curious about.

And do you want to know more about Archbishop Pawl Cremona and Gozo Bishop Mario Grech? What are their messages for Maltese and Gozitan children this Christmas? The Projectnews team took their advice. But what did they do? Archbishop Pawl Cremona with childrenWith barely few days left for Christmas Day, Projectnews team also went to the streets of Valletta, which are bustling with families on a present-shopping spree.

By the way, if you’re a fan of High School Musical, they have a gift for you. Just watch the programme next Saturday, the 13th of December, at 10.30am to get your hands on it.

Projectnews is a 30 minute programme about news and current affairs from the children’s perspectives. Projectnews is usually aired on Wednesdays at 4.30pm with a repeat on Saturday at 10.30am.

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